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Strong Circles Program Manager Resources

Welcome to the Strong Circles! We are so grateful for your support in coordinating this program. Please use the resources below in conjuction with the Strong Circles Program Manager Guide.

Invitation Emails



We invite you to consider becoming a facilitator for Strong Circles, a unique applied leadership development experience we are launching at [your company]. Please respond to this email to confirm your interest by [date].


Strong Circles are an adapted version of Communities of Practice, in which 6-8 participants (including two co-facilitators) meet monthly to learn new leadership approaches, apply them to their work, and reflect on their experiences.  Strong Circles draws from research-based leadership approaches inspired by almost 20 years of research from the University of Michigan and the Center for Positive Organizations.


Co-facilitators are a vital part of maintaining each group’s momentum and keeping the conversation going during and between meetings, and they are asked to make the following commitments. While the commitment is substantial, the opportunity for self-development and relationship-building through this experience is immense.

  • Attend two 3-hour facilitator training sessions

  • Attend monthly 1-hour facilitator huddles to review the previously completed session and prepare for the upcoming session

  • Coordinate and facilitate one 75-minute Session per month for 12 months

  • Coordinate and facilitate one 25-minute Checkpoint per month for 12 months

  • Facilitate (we don’t expect facilitators to be subject matter experts!) learning for their peers during sessions

  • Participate fully in sessions and commit to action-based learning experiments between sessions

We have attached some FAQs about the Strong Circles experience. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out.

Thank you for your invaluable leadership at [your company]! We are excited to be on this journey with you.

Facilitator Huddles

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