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Maggie McIntyre-Holt

Maggie McIntyre-Holt

Brand & Design Consultant

Before pursuing her own business as an independent contractor, Maggie worked as an in-house marketing professional for several local and remote businesses – wearing many hats but specializing in design. As her roles evolved, she came to realize design was where her passion grew. So she turned a new leaf in her career and set out to be a professional designer, using her marketing experience to strategize her design work and consult her clients along the way.

She believes that everyone deserves to feel heard and cared for, which is why she joins us at Riverbank to work towards a common goal. Through branding and design management, she hopes to engage and influence more executives & leaders to work towards our vision of changing society’s story about work.

Maggie works from her home in Downtown Frederick, MD that she shares with her husband Zak, italian greyhound Finch, whippet Henry, and two cats Bonnie & Marcy. When she’s not managing her online art shop and illustration business, she's at the barn riding horses, reading in the park, spending time with friends, and gardening in the backyard.

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